Klinta Lapsa artist

My name is Klinta.
Nice to meet You.

Education: Self-taught

From an early age I loved nature, colors, everything extraordinary and one of my favorite activities was to sleep in the grass and look at the sky in the and see all sorts of images in the clouds. I conjured up my story in heaven.


I started painting 6 years ago. There was an event that turned my life upside down. I died. Literally. After this event, I decided to change everything in the way I have lived so far. And one of the most interesting twists and turns was that I started painting. Every day I give in to my feelings, I create paintings and have the feeling that someone is talking through me. It is an inexplicable feeling, but the scenes, images and colors of the paintings come from themselves. Each painting is expansive in perspective, dramatic in color. In every painting that I create, I put in positive energy, good thoughts, and discover how full of surprises a person’s inner world can be.


I believe that each painting has its own buyer, so if you have not yet found your own that you like, from time to time look for it, and it is possible that at some point you will see it – your own painting.

My artwork is part of public and private collections around the globe.

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T : +371 25547445
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